Replacement x axis ribbon cable

Our Glowforge Basic had its x axis ribbon cable wear out and split in half. We were able to solder some thin wires to it and tape it back together with reinforcement, but to avoid additional stress on it we’re only able to safely use the left half of the cutting area now. We came across this detailed guide for replacing the cable, but can’t find any specifications on it anywhere, and we’re hesitant to take it out to measure it in case we damage it further in the process.

Does anyone know the specs on this cable? I have found that it is 20 pin, but can’t figure out what connector and what length etc. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Glowforge should be able to provide you with that cable, assuming that they have any in stock. They seem to fail pretty frequently.

Also, there were some good docs on the GF hardware that were available here, but I don’t see them on this site now. Maybe they are on GitHub?