Air filter

I just happened to notice that Dan put out an update about the filter on Sep 3, I will give him a couple months 1 last time, my new estimated date is Oct 31, slightly shorter than the usual wait of 2 full months, meh…
We shall see.

So it looks clear that Dan is playing us for chumps with the air filter thing. I’m guessing that us owners don’t want to discuss it on the GF forum for fear of them being able to block us from using our own lasers because of the “only use while connected to the GF server” thing. Cold weather is around the corner and I’m not happy with the open window or make a 4" Dia. hole through the wall. I say:


I’m starting here to see if I can get others interested in seeing if it a viable route to take.
R.L. Hamm

Don’t the GF Terms of Use restrict you to arbitration as the sole means of legal redress?

Too bad that GF is so secretive about schedules, problems, and how they are resolved. That policy makes the company seem very shady to me, or perhaps just technically incompetent. 4 years after product announcement and they still haven’t shipped to all countries or produced their own filter.

I’d love to see a comparison or review between either of the GF filters (Compact or the one in development) and the more professional offerings out there like BOFA.