Bricked Forge Pro available for parts

I was the unfortunate recipient of a stolen Glowforge Pro sold on Craigslist in the SF bay area.

It’s bricked, but otherwise in perfect unused condition (only fired at the factory.)

I’m out $3k, but the police won’t do anything, and repeated attempts to come to terms with Glowforge didn’t yield any results.

I’m tired of looking at this brick in my office, does anyone in OpenGlow land (in the bay area only please) want it?

I should probably mention that it’s available for free.

Just want to avoid tossing it in the recycling.

That is so frustrating for you.

The spare parts alone are worth quite a bit. If it wasn’t so expensive I’d have it shipped to me in the UK just for the parts.

Tube, lens, print heads and wheels, fans, power supply, crumb tray, tension belt — all of that I’ve seen people replace (or I have had to replace).

TBH, you might want to sell the parts on ebay

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Hi brickedforge, I would be happy to take the Glowforge Pro away. I’m so sorry things played out the way they did. I live in Burlingame and work for Google, you can reach me at scody at [where I work] .com

I actually have another Glowforge (a Plus) that is bricked as well. I’ve had it in the garage eating space and will likely part it soon. Since I’ll be bothering to part one machine I may as well part two at the same time. The steppers, psu, water cooling components, etc. are all useful to me. The lasers, head units and other parts can probably be sold on eBay. sqw is correct that you could likely make some of your lost dollars back if you parted it yourself but in this kind of situation I would totally understand if you just want it gone.

Hope that makes sense, at a minimum I’ll get rid of it for you.


I am desperate to find a Glowforge Power supply and would gladly pay a reasonable price for yours as long as it works.

PM me if interested. (and thanks in advance!)

I’ll PM you.