Hello all. I have a bricked pro that is unable to auth. Is there anything I can do to make it usable again?

Welcome! - give me some more details, I buy broken glowforges and strip them for parts



Do you have any main boards that are not bricked/black listed?

yes, all flavors.

what happened to your machine?


It was working fine and then I turned it off to clean the lenses and back on and I got an :INTERLOCK OPEN error but it is a basic. I checked the main board and the jumper is there and it is not broken or anything.

Also, the push button turns yellow as soon as the machine adjusts the lens and that’s when everything

I tested my other machine and removed the jumper from the main board and even tho I get the Interlock Open error as well, it does the entire start up process which goes to the center and focuses and then all the way back to the upper left corner and as soon as I put the jumper back in place the message goes away and another thing I noticed is that the push button never turns yellow like in the other machine.

I swapped mother/main boards and the “bad” machine works fine, obviously under a different serial #, so the problem is the main board!

Oh! And another thing I noticed is that the arm, I think that’s what’s called, moved with resistance back and forth but as soon as I unplug this connector from the board, it moves freely. Even with the machine turned OFF

I contacted them and they want me to send it to them to get it fixed and since that would take like 8 weeks according to them , they want to be super nice and give me a refurbished with only 90 day warranty for a hefty price of $1250!!! I am sure it is a copy and paste email but I know it is the main board that needs to be replaced!

I also have two more issues but are not as bad. One of them is that the printer head moves very notchy left and right and I tried adjusting the belt a bunch of times and even swapping the plates but it still does it. If i leave it too loose then it cuts ovals instead of circles. I thought it might be the bore (it needs to be replaced) but I swapped it with another one from my other machine and the problem was still there.

Hey there, is there any way to contact you in a private message to discuss part issues or replacement further?

i can be reached @ jon at