Cable between hinge PCB and control PCB?

The contacts on the hinge PCB end of the cable that connects to the control PCB have become corroded as a result of my cleaning the lid several months ago. I have since learned not to clean it like I did.

My unit has a constant lid open error. I’ve checked the sensors and continuity through the black lid cable. I believe the problem is somewhere between the black cable and the control board so I pursued that path. After removing the hinge PCB and cable I discovered the cable contact corrosion. The cable pins are corroded but the connector on the hinge PCB looks OK. I was able to clean the pins somewhat with alcohol (I was afraid to try anything stronger for fear of damaging the cable further) and the glowforge behavior changed. I still get the lid open error, but now the lights flicker brightly instead of just staying dim. I believe that the cable is the problem. Is there a part number for the cable since it doesn’t show up as purchasable on the Glowforge website?

i have all the parts, and can help you. DM me


Thanks. I was able to buy the circuit card from Glowforge and the cable from a member here. My Glowforge is up and working.