Can you refocus a lid camera?

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I’m new to this forum so first I’ll say hello.


Secondly I wondered if anyone has had any luck on focusing a blurry lid camera? Mine has been blurry since it arrived and therefore doesn’t recognize the proofgrade material. Not a huge deal but kinda sucks. The GF customer support response was to send the entire unit in and expect a $400-$1000 invoice.

Anyway… I wondered if any of you all had dug into this issue and if you had any suggestions.

thanks and look forward to reading through more of your topics.

A few people have been able to gently rotate the lens on the lid camera to correct the focus.

The lens on my camera seems to be firmly cemented in place, and mine won’t budge.

Is your unit not able to detect “any” Proofgrade™ barcodes, no matter where they are?

Just to note: the images from the camera as you see them in the Glowforge application are heavily processed and appear somewhat blurry due to the severe fisheye correction.

Thanks for the info Scott

So yes, the camera doesn’t read any QR codes. I haven’t tried moving the QR around from eth lower right side but I’ll give that a try. The QR recognition was spotty for a while but almost never worked properly. I haven’t done the calibration step but I don’t think that would improve the focus, just how it maps the fish eye effect.

I haven’t tried twisting the lens yet. I was wondering if that might have the desired effect, but I always hate banging on things without knowing how they go together. Especially when the fix is so expensive. Thanks for your thoughts.

My 1st GF had a very loose lens and yes, you could twist it to focus it quite a bit. They had me return it, and my replacement has a ‘very glued in place’ lens.

I even made a Focus Chart and did improve the original focus quite a bit, but I have not tried that on the replacement as it’s going to require more force than I want to apply.

I will say that doing their Camera Calibration helps, but it’s not perfect.

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Turns out, after a few weeks of back and forth with GF customer service, and reminding them of some previous customer service emails (while the machine was still under warranty) , GF has agreed to repair the unit for no cost, and very reduced shipping. So at this point I’ll just send it in.

This experience has opened my eyes to what any possible future repairs might entail. So I super appreciate groups like this that help demystify the technology so we can keep these running well intro the future.


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Just a quick thought, in case you haven’t shipped it back yet or someone else with a similar problem stumbles upon this…

Look real close at the picture in this post:

It appears to me that the protective plastic wasn’t removed from the lens during the assembly process. That would certainly lead to a foggy/blurry image.

Thanks Scott,
In my case the lens was perfectly clean and clear. The unit was actually picked up the other day and in light of everything it may or may not come back any time soon. So who knows.

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