Check this out! Holy Molly it could have been bad!

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Is that HV cable charred, or is that just dirt?

It is burnt in the area where the picture is zoomed in and dirt elsewhere. If you zoom in you will see it got so hot in melted a portion of the ribbon cable that runs in parallel to it.

Side note: It is unfortunate that dirt is capable of permeate into every orifice of the machine. The illusion of a negative vacuum that exits soot and smoke thru the exit fan is a fantasy and an epic fail of engineering.

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Curiosity… How did you discover the issue? Did you smell it? Did it stop working correctly? Smoke? What was it that brought your attention?

It was discovered on accident (SORT OF)…

My machine died several months ago and was no longer firing the laser but all other functions seemed to work fine. I reached out to a couple other users here at OpenGlow and was able to procure a few parts I thought might be the source(s) of the problem (PSU, I/O Breakout, etc…) In the process of installing the PSU I removed the raceway on the bottom of the machine that the laser H/V cable and I/O cable run through only to discover that the H/V cable was burnt and also scorched the adjacent I/O cable in a random spot in the mid area of the raceway on the underside of the machine. I suspect this would have been a full blown fire if it would have happened in an area that had more room to breath and feed a flame.

There is a lot to learn from this unfortunate situation for Glowforge and those of us that are inclined to understand the failures when they happen.

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Too bad that GF didn’t better isolate all or most of the internals from soot and debris that gets generated during cutting and engraving. It seems like fixing that would require a re-design of the cabinet.


As of last night I am happy to confirm I have fixed the “Forge”!!!

Replaced the Power Supply and bada-boom IT WORKS!

I would like to thank a fellow member here by the name of Cody for helping me out with the PSU!! Thanks a million!!!


Hi, i have the same problem, i have found the red wire of the laser tube burned inside, i have fixed but i would like to change for a new one.
Do you have a spare part provider?.