First Modification to my Basic


The first time the fan guard face loaded and restricted the exhaust, pumping smoke out of every crack in the machine and required cleaning the debris, I decided that fan guard had to go eventually. Today was the day.
Now I have had to clean it 3 times, it blocks cleaning the fan blades which had gathered such a deposit as to be out of balance and produce a hard vibration and loud buzz.

Thanks to Scott’s intrepid exploration, pictures, and advice, I was able to remove the top left cover of the machine and OMG - so easy to access everything on that side. I made a simple tool to pry back the 3 tabs on the cover…

Per Scott’s warning, I was very careful, and the force required was almost more than I was willing to put on those tabs, but nothing broke. It really is simple, removal and installation.

I pulled the fan to clean it good, and there… there was that redundant safety precaution that catches stuff and clogs up, restricts airflow (even when it’s clean), and requires that periodic PITA cleaning.
(Picture is after reinstallation of the fan. Note that the two rear thread bosses for the TEC have been shortened to give easy access to the bottom two fan screws, since a basic doesn’t have one)

Like Scott said, that bottom right screw is a bitch to get back in, but I managed it.

Enter a jigsaw and a metal cutting blade…

Good riddance.
All I know is the fan throughput is higher now, and I removed an inherent problem. The fan is running smooth as silk again.

Admittedly it will require that I am very careful not to yank the vent hose off and jam my fingers into a running fan, I am confident I can manage that.

Thanks for all your work Scott! :sunglasses:


Tearing a machine apart is one thing. Taking a metal saw to it…

That took some guts.

You’re a trooper! I gave up on that sucker a long time ago.


Naw, What you did was fearless. This little mod was nothing compared to what you have done.
It is also due to you that I was able to do it without damage. Your exploration showed me exactly what I was faced with. We all owe you for that!