GF not fire...working process

Hi OpenGlow, First of all my name is Marcelo from Chile, we bought 3 machines when GF startup their business, we contact then and explain about that we sell laser machines here in Chile and want to offer after sales support, they tell us that will not be a problem…

Now one of this machines stop working, after many hours with GF support tell me that was the laser tube and the replacement cost around USD 2600 exchanging the complete machine… so kindly reject the offer.

Now Im open the machine replace the laser tube, but still not work. I’m start to belive is the laser power supply and not the laser tube.

Someone can help me to know how to check in this machine if it’s a laser power failure or not?
Kind regards, MMK

This involves deadly high voltage. Do not try at home.

If it were me, I would remove the power supply and bench test it.

I would need to connect a dummy load in place of the laser tube. I use a dozen 50Kohm 50W resistors connected in series:

Then, I need to fire up the power supply. To do that, I make some connections.

I first fire up the low voltage supplies by connecting 3.3V (pin 3,4 or 5) to pins 17 and 24.

Then I ready the high voltage supply by connecting 3.3V (pin 3,4 or 5) to pins 16 and 13.

Then I turn on the high voltage supply by connecting 3.3V (pin 3,4 or 5) to pin 12.

Using Ohm’s law. I calculate what the voltage should be at the point between the two resistors closest to HV return wire. I measure the voltage there to see if it matches what I expect.

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Hello did you ever fix the glowforge that wasn’t firing, im having the same problem?