Glowforge Pro will not turn on/boot

I’m hoping someone on here can help me diagnose and maybe even fix my Glowforge.

My wife was using the machine when she suddenly heard a loud pop and everything powered off. I had her reset the breaker, change plugs, remove the power strip, nothing worked.

After a little research we agreed that it was likely the power supply that was the issue as she had found others reporting the same sound and resulting problems.

It took a little bit but I was able to talk Glowforge into selling me a power supply. After getting the power supply in I followed the steps we found online on how to fully disassemble and replace the power supply and that was fairly easy to do. Once everything was connected and back in its place I turned on the power only to hear a single click. I started troubleshooting and found that I did have 3.36v on the mainboard, but the 40v checkpoint only had 0.42v and the 12v had 1.23v

So I took everything apart again, reseated, retested, tested power at different points and nothing has changed. I contacted Glowforge again and let them know of all my findings and that I believe the power supply I received was a dud. They didn’t fight me at all and agreed that is likely the issue and sent me another power supply at their cost.

A week goes by before it gets in and the replacement starts over again. Well I now have the power supply swapped out and am getting the EXACT same readings on the mainboard. Quite infuriating!

I have taken the motherboard and daughterboard off and inspected them thoroughly and have not found any visual signs of burnt components, wear, no funny smelling spots, nothing out of the ordinary.

So at this point do I really have two lemon power supplies or could something else be going on?

I’m wondering if a chip isn’t booting and giving the commands for the rest of the machine to turn on or for the power supply to deliver the correct voltage.

Before this last power supply replacement I did take the time and performed a continuity test on all cable that interconnect the two control boards and power supply and have gotten good results. So I am doubtful that a cable has been pinched or damaged somehow resulting in a lack of power.

Any and all input is greatly appreciated.


Without a schematic or proper test equipment it would be hard to diagnose. Since this is the second power supply though I suspect something failed on the motherboard like a diode or small capacitor that’s hard to check visually. Was the original Glowforge new? How long have you had it? Is the replacement power supply refurbed or new? I know there is a known problem with the High Voltage wire and the two Jonathans would have more details about that. It would be nice if Glowforge invested in a technical staff with experience in quality and reliabilty engineering.