I have parted my Glowforge Plus, selling everything!

Someone already wants the PSU, everything else is available. PM me a part you want and I’ll name a price.


Silicon Valley, Burlingame CA specifically. I intend to ship parts that can be easily shipped.

Sorry, I feel like an idiot but I’m new here and can’t figure out how to PM haha I am interested in some stuff though

Just click on my name (the text) and then the message button:

This thread is fine too, what parts are you interested in?

Looking for a carriage plate with the air assist fan

I believe I have it, in the next few days I’ll go fetch it and send you pics.

Right hand black idler pulley? Mine just broke. :frowning:

I am here in CA as well.


Any parts still available?

PSU + head unit + one of the left side boards are gone, rest is available. One person was interested in the long ribbon cable but hasn’t gotten back to me.

Carriage belt available? Mine broke almost a week and a half ago and glowforge will not respond.

Yes, I’ll PM you my email.

Cables for sale: