Looking to strip my Glowforge Plus for parts

As titled, Had a power supply issue so sent it off to repair but unfortunately it got lost on its way back to me so now I have a machine with no PSU.

Im not sure when one will become available so I’m thinking to strip it for parts if I get enough interest.

The motherboard is not blocked/bricked and I can add the new user before posting.

all parts available apart from the power supply.

I am in the UK so please bare that in mind but more then happy to post.


Mike, I can talk you thru MAYBE fixing the power supply - DM me!

Blocked? Does glowforge blacklist units from their cloud?

yes, they can brick any SN they choose.
they don’t need a reason.
if they don’t have one, they can create one.


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what does it look like on your screen when its bricked? What message do you get or what are the “signs” that your machine has been black listed?

when a machine is bricked it will not log into the glowforge site to connect wifi, you get the huzzah screen but not the confetti go to the dashboard. –

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