Loose wire

Yesterday my Glowforge Pro wasn’t cutting through 1/8” birch. I shut it down, cleaned it, turned it back on and the orange light came on.

After careful inspection, I noticed this wire had come loose. I am 2 weeks out of warranty.

Is this something that can be fixed with soldering? Am I going to have to ship this machine back at my cost? I’m sick over this. I have made one years worth of payments and right now it’s a giant paperweight.

I’ve emailed support but don’t have much hope of hearing from them.

I’ve searched everything that I can find, and don’t see that anyone has ever had this problem before. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

The best way to fix it is to remove the crimp and fit a new one.

Second best is to remove it and solder to it before replacing it, taking care not to apply too much solder so it still fits in the housing.

A complete bodge is to solder to the top of the crimp while it is still in the housing trying to do it quickly so it doesn’t melt the housing too badly.

I have don’t all three to connectors in the past.

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Thank you so much for your response!

I had a friend come over and try to solder it yesterday without much success, but I was thrilled he even tried. He found a tool and a crimp on Amazon for $20 that I ordered so he can try and replace the whole mess for me. Hoping that does the trick to get me back up and running. Now on Day 2 with no response from Support, while I get further and further behind with each day this $6k machine sits idle. So frustrated.