Need help Glowforge Plus tech. problem/software?

I recently purchased a new Glowforge Plus with a broken lid from a shipping carrier so I 'm on my own no warranty . Cleaned and removed all glass replaced lid ribbon cable had to re-solder one of the front plugs that was torn of the led strip . This is my problem unit is powering on fan runs led power up bright if I hold down the start button it will turn green and finds wifi, links to my computer . It seems to hang up at the scanning point every time, I have not seen a camera image or the bed try to calibrate all though it does make jogging noise’s. It possibly moves the laser head ever so slightly its really hard to tell if it moves . I have not seen any gantry movement . All ribbon cable connections are in and properly clipped the camera ribbon cable has some creasing I do have a new one ordered. I am finding out real quick that Glowforge service is a joke which has lead me to find this community hopefully someone can help .

A good place to start would be the log files. Those should tell you where its failing in the initialization process.

Scott is there somewhere I can go to get instruction on how to retrieve the log files ? And also how to read them . I’ll be honest programing is something I know nothing about .

You can find the instructions here:

  • Reboot your Glowforge
  • Hold down the button on your Glowforge for ten seconds, until it glows with a teal color
  • Connect your computer to the Glowforge Wi-Fi network you see
  • Visit the following URL in your browser:
  • A .zip file should download to your computer

Scott I just figured out what was wrong . I’m embarrassed to say I installed the camera ribbon cable in upside down . Thanks so much for the quick reply Barry

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