Now Compatible w/ GFUI

You could probably consider this a major milestone…

I can now run the OpenGlow via the Glowforge Web Interface (GFUI).

Side note… For some reason, my power supply seems to be working mostly OK, now. Go figure.

Here’s the resulting GOGM:

There is still a LONG way to go - but at least I can start making regular use of my Glowforge again.


Awesome job. It’s been a long road but you’ve done some incredible work!


After eviscerating the machine and redesigning the board, yeah, I’m sure that feels good!

Wow, amazing!

Nice work. Glad to hear you got power supply magically healed!

Congratulations! Hopefully your success will continue.

With being able to use the GFUI, are you at full functionality through their UI? (Camera works and can run calibration routine)

Haven’t poked around too much yet, but if you are at full base functionality, what have you managed to add? Hardwired internet?

What’s the latest on this?

I’m not having issues with mine but given some of the issues I’ve seen crop up on the official site, I wonder if it’s only a matter of time. No way am I sending my machine back for repairs if they do.