Possible coolant issues, need fix!

Not technical at all so I am struggling about what to do here. Company wants to charge an arm and a leg to return the machine and send me a refurbished one, I’m in Canada so it gets even more expensive.

Pulled logs thanks to this site and it doesn’t seem to get further than ERROR: hw: Coolant monitor temperature alert (src/hw_task_errors.cpp:204)

It does also list:

1214 ERROR: api auth token request: http_code=0, result=60 (Error), details=“SSL certificate problem: certificate is not yet valid”
2022-08-10_20:40:26.79502 1218 INFO: running htpdate in case cert is not valid yet because clock is unset
2022-08-10_20:40:26.79505 1218 INFO: writing ‘u’ to /var/run/svs/htpdate/control
2022-08-10_20:40:26.80183 1234 ERROR: net: authentication incomplete: did not receive either of ws_url or ws_refresh_url (src/net_task.cpp:310)
2022-08-10_20:40:26.80993 1235 DEBUG: net_retries_auth: retry 1 delay milliseconds = 1791 = 1000 * 2.00 ** 0 + 791

If anyone has any advice or can walk me through how I may start to remedy this, I would greatly appreciate it. If its a lost cause and I’ll need to bite the bullet and send it back, let me know too.


HERE IS THE procedure to make MORE unicorn tears (coolant)

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