"Print Canceled" abruptly Issue • Glowforge Basic

I press the start button flashing on ( GF Basic). The print head positions to the print area, print head moves about a half-inch as if it is starting to print then abruptly stops and returns to home position. (laser doesn’t fire). Glowforge Browser app reads “Print Canceled”

• I have reset router as-well-as reconnected Wifi on the GF
… restated Bowser, App and Computer.

• I removed the residue from bottom of printhead. cleaned all fans, I didn’t find any damaged wires or loose connectors (wire-to-board or ribbons).

This issue of the “canceling print” has occurred a few times over the last several weeks. At first, I assumed it was my files that caused the problem, because I could recreate the SVG and it would then work… well, until it no longer worked. So it appears that whatever the issue is, it was failing over a period of time.

Support at Glowforge has been very responsive and over the last week, has been working with me to find the solution, but it appears that they are stumped about what cause is.

I was hoping it was just some silly operator error or an easy fix with a feasible solution and not some unaddressable anomaly.

Any suggestions about cause/solution(s) from this forum would be much appreciated.

Did you ever get a resolution for this?

I think I recall this type of problem being an Interlock issue, but you have a Basic so it may rule that out.