Project Status: Back On

I’ve spent the last week working on the damaged high voltage section of the power supply. I’ve had some progress, but it just isn’t functioning properly.

I’m sure with some more time, I’ll get it right, but quite frankly, I’m burned out.

Without a functioning power supply, I can really go no further.

It would be great if I could just order up a replacement part, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

So, after nearly a year of diligent effort, I’m calling it quits.

Maybe some day I’ll be able to find a junker that I can grab a scrap supply from, and I’ll be refreshed and in the mood to pick it back up. Until then, it’s going to collect dust in my basement.

As I find time, I’ll still formalize my notes to share the information I’ve learned (I now have a bunch about the power supply I can share).

If someone wants the current prototype to play around with, let me know.

UPDATE: Project is back on.

Scott, sincerely, thanks for all you have done. It’s disappointing that we have come to the end of the road, but you’ve done more than anyone could have asked. I hope someday these machines are everything we know they can be.

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Sorry to hear that @ScottW514 you were one of the last things keeping my interest up in the ‘forge.

Thanks for the work you did Scott!

Hopefully you can pick this up later so we can see the full potential of the GF!

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I’m sure I will. I just need a break (and a new power supply wouldn’t hurt!).

Thank you Scott for all the research and sharing.
The pictures and schematics identifying the individual components are of particular interest, and will prove very useful.
On a side note, there was that recent FB user who managed to burn his glowforge down, the PS may still be viable as the majority of the damage appeared to be confined to the left side.
Just a thought.

Thanks again.