Remote second user

I live 12 miles from my son’s glowforge.With the current stay at home restrictions I am trapped at home. I want to be able to upload a cut file so he can see it and cut the file on his glowforge with him loading the material to cut and hitting to go button. Where do I find a “how to do” instruction set? or can some one tell me how to do it.

The only way I know of to do this is by sharing the same Glowforge user account. You can upload the the images, do the necessary settings, and then your son can just hit the print button on both the UI and the GF.

Otherwise, you can add an additional user (see instructions here), but the users can’t share anything between the accounts other than the unit itself. In this case, you would have your son load the material and hit the print button on the GF when you tell him, but he won’t be able to see what you are doing in the UI.

Others may have better ideas…

Email the file to him?

Thanks for the suggestions. The email one I like but we are trying to set up a process where my son has the minimum of activities (super busy with work and social distancing/lock down with little kid) and I can set up as much as I can and all he has to do is put the material in place and press the go button. I think I have enough information to go forward and ry this. I have a few test flies ready to go. Again, thanks.