Swapped out for the Compact Filter

Just came across the site from a link on the official GF forums.

I figured I’d sign up and mention that I opted to get the compact filter instead of the vapor-ware GF filter. I figured 3 years and 6 months was long enough of a wait. 42 months and they still couldn’t deliver… Oh well. It’ll probably go next to my existing filter I fabbed up years ago. I’ll see about getting some pictures of my filters (both homemade and the Compact Filter) here soon.

I’m hoping to learn more about getting my GF on stand-alone hardware.

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How well does it work? I’ve read a few reviews on it, but none of them mention how well it performs.

Does it do a good job of removing the odor from smelly stuff like leather or acrylic?

I’ve yet to receive the Compact Filter, I only just came across it upon revisiting the GF forums some 13 days after they initially announced it there. I’m not sure why they didn’t bother to email us early adopters about it. One would think they’d be glad to reduce their load for the proprietary filter.

As soon as it arrives I’ll try to figure out a few ways of measuring how it compares against No filter, and my homebrew filter. I’m sure my homebrew filter won’t do as well as one that has $250 of activated carbon filter media.

That being said I built mine for about $55 ish in parts between the tote, some filter media, large sheets of carbon filter media, and the bouncy house centrifugal blower I got from goodwill.

The Compact Air Filter arrived today. I’ll unbox it and get pictures of it tomorrow. I do know it’s pretty dang heavy!


I just noticed this thread and thought I would update for folks who haven’t seen the compact filter.

My review here:

TL;DR it works well but the filters fill up FAST when using MDF