UK or EU Users - bulk buy of spare parts?

So I recently went to order the print head lens - $75 for the item, but $100 for shipping. After adding a new crumb tray and a bunch of timber shipping was still only $110.

Anyway, this got me to thinking - is anybody interested in some kind of bulk buy of spare parts, materials and what-not for shared shipping?

I was particular thinking that a group could buy a bunch of spare parts - especially the “black cable” to be kept somewhere in the UK so they were available for overnight shipping to the UK or EU

Comments, thoughts?

Hi @sqw Simon, just saw this post - I think we’d need a big group of people to stockpile replacement parts here in the UK, but I’d be open to it. I am currently fighting with Glowforge to send me a replacement white ribbon cable (the one that connects to the laser head without which the machine doesn’t work at all) and they’re refusing. I think they’re reluctant to set up any sort of support network/spare parts supply outside the US as they want to keep control and charge for access to their own support team.

HI, yes I saw your post about the cable. I’m not so sure its about money and keeping control more that they just don’t know how to handle these sorts of queries - especially non-US ones. It looks like US users who complain about this sort of spare part do seem to get resolved.

I have emailed Dan about this before, that UK and EU users need a cheaper - and crucially QUICKER - shipment on spares, and they need all the possible spares too. I wouldn’t even mind if you had to get GF approval before they could be sent out.

It’s the days arguing, then the days waiting to ship that are the killer.

I don’t know if this will help, but I am located in the U.S., and if there are parts that you can’t get there for whatever reason, maybe I can help acquire a “care package” to send over. I don’t know if this is realistic or not, or if it would even reduce costs, but I am happy to help if I can.

Thank you for the offer. I’ve looked at this with another GF user. For something as silly as a little lens it was possible to reduce the shipping hugely. As soon as weight adds up then GF shipping isn’t that out of line.

Trouble is though there is a much longer delay in gettings parts in case of an emergency, when your machine is down and you need it you’ll spend anything to get going again quickly.

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Right, if you were ordering an item you needed for an immediate repair, the extra relay in shipping would probably be a killer.

Still, if there are basic items that you want to stockpile and can’t get shipped directly to you, let me know. I’d be happy to help if I can. Arbitrary geographical restrictions are a PITA.