UK user with some fried circuits = what are my options?

So, in replacing the black cable I’ve stupidly managed to fry the board on the back of the GF below the cable and melted something (can’t tell what) on the left end of the cable where it fits the LED strip.

GF Pro Machine out of warranty and GF want $1,000 there and back shipping, plus $400-$1000 repair bill.

Now, I’ve seen people posting that they’ve returned their machine and GF have said “unrepairable, but have a refurb for $XXXX”.

But unless the refurb was an amazing deal, that doesn’t make sense to pay the $1000.
If I could guarantee it was a repair max cost $1000 I’d wince, but pay it.

Or, I could just buy another Basic and use the defunct Pro for spares.

I am confident enough to replace the little circuit board or the LED strip, but I don’t know if GF would sell them. Heck if it came to it I would buy a whole lid and circuit board - still cheaper.

Should I buy a basic and swap the lids?

The $1,000 shipping really screws things up!!

Any suggestions, guidance, advice.

I’m an unqualified pro owner, but free with advice ! Can you post some close ups of the ‘fried’ area, and some more details of what you did to give you that conclusion ?
If swapping lids is a possibility, availability of second hand lid in UK or Europe ?
Looking at my lid, I suspect that the led strip is mounted with double sided tape, so careful removal should be possible, or perhaps you have done this already ? (more photos?)
Keep safe,
John (ex-UK, now Mississippi)

I seem to remember the company shipping one of those small boards to a customer before for the same reason.

This from here a month ago.

OK, that’s interesting - if I can get them to send the parts, then I think swapping them out is definitely doable. I shall ask them the question.

As for UK second hand, I’ve seen one since GF was launched - I bought it - and then broke it 2 weeks later - this is the machine I’m trying to fix :slight_smile:

Sounds like you burned the LED strip? That should be a lot easier to replace than what I detailed in the linked post up above. I also had to glue my lid back onto the hinges (my poor machine has been through the ringer). The strip should be easy enough to replace, you’ll want to be careful of where it connects to the front of the lid and the connector in the front, but some heat should soften the adhesive enough for it to be peeled away. Double check your black cable to make sure the gold contact pins don’t look fried, as well as following the traces to see if there are any sort of burn marks throughout the cable. Anyway, that should be a lot cheaper to source the lights than refurb the machine. I actually have GF sending me a different part for my second machine…these do not do well in humid environments.

Oh and obviously careful with where the camera cable is attached. 100% make sure the machine is unplugged when messing with this stuff and if possible, wear some rubber gloves, less for your safety, and more for not leaving any of your skin oils on the connections and whatnot.

Edit: Read through your post again, sounds like you do need my guide for that back circuit board. Definitely follow the link that PTL linked to, it’ll come in handy.

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Sorry about what might have been a confused reply. I was concentrating on the led cable/black cable connector at the left hand end.
Is there damage to that connector as well as the pc board on the back of the m/c ?

Yes, I’ve just been reading your guide, that is the main board I need to replace. The LED strip (and just for safety a new black ribbon too probably). I agree, it does look like the LED strip is just double side tape or similar. I haven’t pulled too hard yet, waiting to see what GF says.

The more I think about it, the more I’m sure I can do this :slight_smile:

Just for reference, when I swapped the black cable all was fine first time I fired up the machine, but second time it shorted. Somehow I hadn’t got the cable clip down tight on left edge. Just be warned.