Firmware Release 1.5.0-31

Glowforge released firmware version 1.5.0-31 for their Pro, Plus and Basic model CNC lasers.

It appears to have been released on June 18, 2018. However, it has a build date of June 8th, 2018.

Full listing of the changed files can be found here.

A quick analysis reveals that the majority of the changes are to accommodate the much anticipated enterprise WiFi capability.

In addition, they added a factory reset capability to the device’s web setup API. I haven’t tested it (my unit is no where near factory condition), so take this with a grain of salt…

It appears that it can be triggered by putting the device in setup mode (hold the button down until it turns green, then connect to the devices network), and then sending a post to with the form field ‘magic’ set to ‘factory_reset’.
(If you don’t know how to do this, look into the quite capable Postman.)

This will execute the script located at /usr/bin/ The button will start to flash blue, the entire /data partition will be wiped clean, the button will turn green, and your Glowforge will be back to factory new (after you power cycle it). If anything goes wrong, the button will turn red.

The setup API has a few more capabilities* (in addition to the previously discussed log file access feature) that I’ll try to document in a future post. If want to dive in on your own, the API source is located on your device in /glowforge/python/glowforge/devicesetup/

*Of particular interest is the apparent ability to update the firmware with a user provided file. Though, the firmware package will still need to be signed by the overlords in order for it to work.


Awesome! Thanks for the update!


Yes like proper release notes, but instead of them being published by GF Scott has to reverse engineer them.


Whatever they did to improve the Pro’s cooling did not seem to need a firmware upgrade, which leaves me wondering how. Even so, the Peltier cooler only has on/off control, which would leave only fan control. The exhaust fan already runs at full speed, so…

On a side note, it does appear that they have heard the gripes about lack of progress on the software, and they are now trickling out little tweaks here and there. That’s a long way from completing the features they promised, but it will keep the loyal base happy.

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Perhaps the only difference between the Pro and Basic is a software switch that allows more tube power for the Pro.

That certainly is what it is looking like.

More discussion on that can be found here: