Ribbon Cable for Camera

The camera cable on my glowforge needs to be replaced. I contacted glowforge support around 5 weeks ago asking them if I could purchase the lid cable along with 2 camera cables. They sent me a invoice witch I paid and they told me they would send me a email as soon as they were shipped out. Well They shipped out my order but did not send me the camera cables I needed. Does anyone know where I can purchase this cable. Glowforge doesn’t know when they will be able to send me this cable.

Just guessing, but you may be able to make up that cable with connectors and raw ribbon cable for the usual electronics suppliers, like Digikey, Mouser, Allied, Newark, etc. Finding the right part number for the connectors might be that hard part.

It is a standard 15 conductor flat flexible cable (FFC), 254 mm (10") long with .5 mm spaced contacts.

Molex p/n 15021-1015 - in stock at Mouser for about US$8.00.


Great information there Scott. Thank you for all of your work, and sharing!

In your opinion, is it the flexing of that cable that leads to its failure?

This particular cable is adhered to the lid and does not flex at all. I think the only damage that can be done to this one is due to fires inside the unit.

The failure of the main cable connecting to the lid is due to mechanical interference with a sharp metal edge. I’ve written up a quick note on that issue here.

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Thank you