Wheels for Laser head assembly

So I am out of warranty, the wheels on the head assembly are an odd size as I have not been able to find them online. Has anyone had to replace those 4 wheels and what sizes did you go with? I do not want to buy the whole assembly from glowforge directly.

Unless someone here can identify the size and what they are called in industry, you are probably better off just buying the assembly. From the pictures I’ve seen they would probably be pretty easy to machine from Delrin or aluminum stock but the cost for short run would be pretty high and having a machinist make just 4 would easily be more than the head assembly, especially if he/she has to figure out the measurements.

They look to be pretty standard polycarbonate v-wheels.

The rear wheels seem easier to find. They have an OD of 23.90 mm. I measure the ID of the bearing to be 6 mm, but every one I found online says 5 mm, so that might be the spec. This part looks like a possible replacement.

The front wheels are little harder to track down. I measure them of having an OD ~18 mm. Closest I have found is this one, with an O.D. of 15.23 mm. I can get a measurement close to that if really squeeze down on my calipers.

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The rear wheels on the carriage are spring loaded and I just removed the carriage and measured the travel of those mounts, and there is very little wiggle room (maybe a couple of mm) for both larger and smaller diameter wheels, unless you were willing to Dremel a couple of mm from the slots the wheel mounts travel in.