How to run Github Utilities?

I downloaded the latest ScottW514/Glowforge-Utilities from Github, installed it with Github Desktop but do not know how to link it to the GFUI to use it, how is this done? Thanks!

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I posted instructions for 0.5.19 and earlier here. I updated the instructions to clone the earlier version.

Versions 0.7.0 and above are a bit different, and I’ll write a post up on those in the future.

Hello, I’m new to the community. I do have the Lid Open error. They’ve send the cable replacement, but it doesn’t work.

I tried to see the logs and found this community, got excited when I saw I could connect to GF via usb/com port. I looked into the computer board and the mini-usb ports are gone! I can see the pins, but the connector does not longer exist.

Is there any other mechanism to connect to the GF?


Requires a soldering iron, but yes: